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Frequently Asked Questions



8.0 How many fingers can I install?

You can install up to 6 fingers on 1 LUXWALLET. There is 1 administrator who can remove, change or add fingerprints.


8.1 Why is the USB stick not recognized on my Macbook or iMac?

The LUXWALLET works on all Apple computers. You must first install the LUXWALLET on a Windows device.


8.2 Why is the secure partition not to be found after I place my finger on the fingerprint sensor several times?

Your fingerprint may not be read by the device if your finger is too wet. If the problem occurs, first dry your finger. Confirm the LUXWALLET then again in the USB part of your computer or laptop.


8.3 Why does the flash drive only have 10 GB of storage capacity?

The available capacity of the 32 GB flash drive is, for example, 29.8 GB. The standard capacity of the public partition is 10 GB. Users can only see the default capacity of the protected partition if their fingerprints are verified. Other capacities are divided according to the ratio.


8.4 Does the Fingerprint Flash Drive apply to the OTG smartphone?

Only the public partition can be accessed via the OTG smartphone.


8.5 Why can not files larger than 4GB be stored in the flash drive?

The original format of LUXWALLET is FAT32. You must format the LUXWALLET in exFat when sending files larger than 4 GB.


8.6 What should I do if the fingerprint scanner does not recognize my finger anymore?

During installation you must enter a password and username. (this is also described in the manual that you receive with the LUXWALLET.). We recommend storing the password and username in a separate location so that you can always adjust the data as an administrator and go to the LUXWALLET. This way you can remove and add fingerprints if you want to. The fingerprint scanner is made on the basis of the supplied software. In this way, as an administrator, you can still change, delete or add fingerprints using the supplied software if it would not be possible to read a finger in the worst case. So you are 100% in control. The supplied software can also be found on a separate and locked part of the LUXWALLET and can therefore not be removed or corrupted.


8.7 Is the LUXWALLET waterproof?

The LUXWALLET is not waterproof. The included storage case is water-repellent.


8.8 What are the comptabile systems for fingerprint applications?

The fingerprint application can be used in laptops, computers, smart TVs and all in one PCs with MAC, Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 systems.


8.9 What is the coding principle of the LUXWALLET fingerprint flash drive?

Based on the AES256 method, fingerprint data is stored on the flash drive with an exclusive UID produced by FP IC. Since the calculation method for fingerprint data and fingerprints is separate, the data stored in the secure partition is lost when the flash drive is dismantled by force. In other words, it is virtually impossible for a hacker to extract information from the secured USB stick by the LUXWALLET first to dismantle.

8.10 Wat is de Stealth LUXKEY USB STICK 128MB en waarvoor kan ik het gebruiken?

De LUXKEY 128MB USB stick is een extra beveiliging waar men gebruik van kan maken door belangrijke bestanden op 2 locaties op te slaan en veilig te bewaren. De LUXWALLET is het kluis die enkel met uw eigen vingerafdruk geopend kan worden en de LUXKEY is een usb kaart die op een normale sleutel lijkt die direct aan uw sleutelbos kan. Bij elk aanschaf van een LUXWALLET ontvangt u een Stealth LUXKEY cadeau!

Stealth LUXKEY binnen enkele minuten extra beveiligen met een persoonlijke wachtwoord?
What do I need?
A laptop or computer with a Windows 10 PRO control system.
1. Steek de LUXKEY in uw computer of laptop.
2. Go to "My Computer" and right click on the USB diskdrive
3. Press "Turn on bitlocker"
4. Follow all steps and secure the key with a personal password.
5. Elke keer wanneer u nu de LUXKEY in een USB poort steekt zal de kaart om een wachtwoord vragen.
6. Ready!

8.11 Can I use the LUXWALLET to store my bitcoins or altcoins such as ethereum or litecoin?

U kunt op verschillende manieren gebruik maken van de LUXWALLET. The simplest method is to create paper wallets of each cryptocurrency and then the private keys on the secure part of the LUXWALLET to place. So you are sure that all coins can not be stolen by a hacker. The cryptocurrency is placed directly on the blockchain of the relevant cryptocurrency.

Another method is to make a cold storage wallet. There are several tutorials available on

We adviseren klanten bij het maken van een paper wallet om het offline te doen zonder verbonden te zijn met het internet en alleen paper wallets te maken die direct bij de desbetreffende crypto op de website te vinden zijn. Er kunnen mensen zijn die alle gegevens kunnen stelen bij het maken van een online paper wallet. Doe dit dus offline door het bestand op de desbetreffende website te downloaden, vervolgens internet verbinding uit te zetten en daarna een offline wallet te genereren.


8.12 Is there a chance that I can lose my files?

There is always a chance to lose files. This can happen when you immerse the product in water or, for example, when the LUXWALLET stolen. This makes it more difficult to recover the files. We therefore also recommend storing files on 2 devices for extra security. In addition, we advise to use an antivirus program for extra security. Some examples are: Kaspersy Antivirus, Norton Deluxe Antivirus or AVG Antivirus. LUXWALLET is not responsible for data loss due to misuse of the product or for data loss by third parties i.v. future computer developments. You can protect your files by following our advice.

Het beste virusscanner testoverzicht ziet er als volgt uit (2018)

  • Bitdefender Antivirus plus
  • BullGuard Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Norton Antivirus Deluxe.
  • Panda Antivirus Pro.
  • AVG Antivirus.
  • avast! Antivirus.
  • F-Secure Antivirus

9.0 What are the shipping costs?

You pay € 4,95,- if you live in europe and if you live in the rest of the world the shipping cost is € 14,95,-. on LUXWALLET.NL. Your mail item is packaged very well and sent the same day with all of our other shipment. Your order will be sent from the Netherlands with international shipping. You will receive your product depending on the area you live. In general, european customers receive it within 5 days and customers from outside europe within 15 days.

9.1 Wat zijn de betaalmethoden?

U kunt bij het afrekenen gebruik maken van verschillende manier om te betalen. Hieronder kunt u deze manieren vinden;

  • PayPal
  • Afterpay
  • Giropay
  • Billink
  • MisterCash / Bancontact
  • Mybank
  • Paysafecard
  • Overboeking

10. Ik wil graag een grote order plaatsen. Hebben jullie staffelprijzen? 

U kunt hiervoor het beste een email sturen naar met de aantallen. Wij reageren binnen 24 uur met een offerte op basis van de aantallen die u wilt bestellen. U ontvangt al korting bij aanschaf van 5 LUXWALLETS.

11. Ik heb een vraag, waar kan ik terecht?

U kunt uw vraag stellen via facebook, telefonisch of email.


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