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Simple, Safe and Stylish

LUXWALLET is a Next Gen USB Stick With Fingerprint Sensor and AES256 Encryption For Excellent Security.

Luxe USB Stick met Samsung Chips + AES256 Encryptie + Vingerprint ID Login + GPS Bluetooth Tracker.

Begin vandaag nog & bewaar al je bestanden veilig! 

Safely store all files in a USB safe

De LUXWALLET ARK en ECLIPSE Series beschikken hoogwaardige Samsung chips die ervoor zorgen dat alle bestanden veilig opgeborgen blijven. Wanneer je de USB stick in de computer of laptop plaatst, kan je direct gebruik maken van de publieke sector. Met een simpele vingerafdruk log je in de beveiligde gedeelte van de USB stick. Voeg tot wel 6 vingerafdrukken toe. 1 Beheerder die het kan aanpassen, wijzigen of verwijderen. Wanneer er met geweld een LUXWALLET® gestolen en ontmanteld wordt, zal de LUXWALLET de interne zelfvernietiging proces initiëren. Maak vandaag nog gebruik van eersteklas beveiliging en zorg voor ultieme gemoedsrust.

  • Agreements.
  • Company Secrets.
  • Passwords.
  • Other information.
  • Private / Public keys / SEED for Paper Wallets. (Cold storage)
  • CryptoCurrency Desktop Wallets Passwords.(Cold Storage)
  • Passwords from trading platforms Coinbase / Binance / Bittrex / Litebit etc). (Hot wallets)
  • Keep all photos and videos in 1 location, safe and secure.
  • No one who can come to important files except you.
  • Save bank details.
  • Theses / Projects.
  • Web login data.
  • Photos, films or text files of emotional value.
  • Other Files and Data Safe Stored and Protected.

First-class Security In A Luxurious Shell.

The LUXWALLET ARK and ECLIPSE Series both use the AES256 encryption. With the technology of the past 10 years, more than 60 trillion years is needed to exhaust half of the encryption encryption. This is longer than the existence of the universe itself. AES256 encryption is mainly used by the CIA in America to send state secrets. The LUXWALLET offers even very high protection against future supercomputers (QUANTUM Computers).


Logged into the secure area within 0.6 seconds by means of a fingerprint.


Add up to 6 fingers. The manager is the boss.


Safely protect all information on the private sector. Through fingerprint encryption.


Divide the amount of storage between the private and public sector.


Bluetooth GPS – AION Tracking With Application

AION Bluetooth GPS tracker allows you to track your luxury wall via an Android or IOS smartphone by activating a beeping sound in the included application. Based on Google Maps, you can use the LUXWALLET d.m.v. find the AION Tracker up to 23 meters outside the home.


Open the application "iSearching" and add the AION Tracker (bluetooth 4.0). Press Alarm and you will hear the AION beep.


Open the application "iSearching". Go to GPS and search through Google maps up to 23 meters out of doors to your LUXWALLET.


Save conversations by pressing the AION tracker twice.


It is also possible to use the AION tracker as a remote bid to take photos via your smartphone.

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